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Winner announced for this year’s Dublin Handel Festival photo competition

Handel photo competition winner

You may recall we ran a photo competition during this year’s Handel Festival where we asked people to capture Handel in the great outdoors and upload their photos on FlickR.

We had lots of really interesting and fun entries and have picked our winner.  Congratulations to William Murphy for self titled photo ‘Gone off the Handel’ which he took at Messiah on the Street on Monday April 13th.

We thought the best person to describe what’s happening in this shot was William himself so here is his how this winning photo came about at this year’s Dublin Handel Festival:

‘For some strange reason I have always missed the Handel Festival, maybe because I had to work and as my workplace is in Dun Laoghaire it is difficult to slip out at lunch time to see a performance in Fishamble Street. This year was different as the performance took place on a bank holiday weekend.

I decided that as I was going to attend the performance I should learn as much as possible about the relationship between Dublin and Handel so I went to Wolfe Tone Park at 11 am to join the Let’s Walk & Talk , an historical walking tour of Handel’s Dublin with leading historian Pat Liddy. This was a good decision because the walking tour was first class and the people who took part were very enthusiastic.

The performance itself was excellent and I got the opportunity to meet and talk to many people. In particular I got to meet two nice ladies who were originally from the docklands area of Dublin and they told me about a wonderful book about the Docklands but they could not remember the name, this was an amazing coincidence because two of my photographs had been included in the book: ‘Dublin Docklands – An Urban Voyage’ by Turtle Bunbury.

Towards the end of the end of the concert a gentleman in a pink dressing gown arrived and started jumping around like a maniac and one of the women said “I Think He’s Gone Off The Handel”.

Anyway the two ladies attend the open air performance every year and have promised to meet me at the same spot next year. I will take the day off work if necessary to attend next year’s performance.’

William’s website documents by using digital media (photographs, video and multimedia) the changes that are ongoing in Dublin. There are now more than 30,000 photographs available on his web site and via flickr. In general anyone who wishes to use these photographs are welcome to do so.

William has won a meal for four in Temple Bar thanks to Gallaghers Boxty House.

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