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SNH: Aoife Leonard attends a workshop with Dublin Youth Theatre

Aoife Leonard attends a workshop at Dublin Youth Theatre

W:           www.dublinyouththeatre.com P: 01 874 3687       A: 23 Upper Gardiner Street, D.1

‘…I’ve learned more than I ever could have imagined and if I ever had any doubts that theatre was the career for me they have now vanished. And good riddance!..’

That’s What Happens at Parties…You Spill Things.

Devising a Play with Grace Dyas from Theatre Club

aoife leonard what happens at parties

I’d heard of Grace Dyas before. Even my Mam had heard of Grace Dyas before, and that’s saying something.  An ex-member of Dublin Youth Theatre who had dropped out of college and devoted her life to making innovative, awe inspiring theatre that was receiving critical acclaim left right and centre. I remember reading an article in the Irish Times in which she described her transition from writing plays with a beginning, middle and end, to learning how to create from her own content. She also talked about the extensive research she’d done to make her play ‘Heroin’ which won Spirit of the Fringe in 2010 and I was fascinated and inspired by how this talented woman, from the same youth theatre as me, had become so successful.

A few weeks later when Dublin Youth Theatre (DYT) announced that Grace would be giving one of the weekly workshops I was ecstatic. I went along and listened to her explain her different techniques and how she used structured improvisation on stage in order to create fresh, spontaneous performances every night. The thought of a performance being different every night frightened and fascinated me in equal measure and I was keen to know more.

When I found out that Grace was one of the chosen directors for DYT’s First Year One Acts I knew I had to audition. I was so delighted when I got into her cast along with five others and we began devising our play about alcohol entitled ‘That’s What Happens at Parties…You spill Things’. We started rehearsals with one session every Saturday lasting about five to six hours. Grace would give us different tasks to complete throughout the week – write about things which are out of your control, come up with a tragic story related to alcohol,  write about reasons that people your age drink, and then we’d meet on the Saturday and start turning these thoughts, ideas and experiences into theatre.

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SNH: Breffni Banks speaks to Kate Ní Uallacháin from Raidió na Life’s ‘Fios Feasa’

Breffni Banks

SceneNotHerd member Breffni Banks chatted with Kate Ní Uallacháin from Raidio na Life’s ‘Fios Feasa’. Click below to play.

SNH Breffni Banks interviews Kate Ní Uallacháin from ‘Fios Feasa’, Raidio na Life. by tbct

If you are having trouble viewing this please click here to open.

SNH: Simon Kelly reviews ‘I’m a homebird (It’s very hard) in the Project Arts Centre

SIMON KELLY attends I’m a Homebird (It’s very hard) in Project Arts Centre Simon Kelly

W: www.projectartscentre.ie A: 39 East Essex Street, Temple Bar, D. 2        P: 01 881 9613

I’m a Homebird (it’s very hard) tells the story of emigration abroad from the most affected generation’s point of view. Sean Dunne, Lisa Walsh and Ellen Quinn Banville share their views on the pros and cons of how it affects not just the people moving, but their friends and family too in a rather unusual way!

Upon entry to The Projects Art Centre, I really didn’t know what to expect from this show. Walking into the ‘Cube’ and seeing the set up really threw me off as well, as it was, what looked to
be a kitchen set-up, with a young man and his two friends having a cuppa and a chat while watching the crowd roll in and take their seats.

I can safely say, it wasn’t what I expected, but  even better! Sean Dunne’s excellent performance gave a great personal touch to the show. He talked to the audience as if we were an old mate he met in the pub one night. The constant references to Nadine Coyle’s troubles in Girls Aloud really set a humorous mood overall, with help from some dance routines, YouTube videos and classic hits from the 90′s.

The performance from the trio on stage was gripping and had us in tears laughing one minute, and then in a somber silence the next. I found it to be a real ‘hope for our generation’ kind of show and went out feeling optimistic (despite the miserable facts about emigration from Ireland!) So whether you’re a homebird or not, this show is for anyone up for a great night and a few laughs, I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it to all!

SCENEnotHERD member Simon Kelly


SNH: Jenn Gardiner visits First Thursdays Dublin

JENN GARDINER visits First Thursdays Dublin – when a number of galleries share their open night
on the First Thursday of the month Jenn Gardner.

W:  First Thursdays Dublin P: 01 677 2255

First Thursdays Dublin –  up close and personal

‘A picture is worth a thousand words – particularly if you can’t read…’

Harry Harshfield

Ok, so little did I think my first Thursday of April would plan out the way it did. I rushed home from school to dawn my alter ego and enjoy the galleries of Temple Bar for the first time. Being told –  SCENEnotHERD members Breffni, Dearbhla and Jenn – that we would get the chance to interview the people of the galleries along the way on camera sounds nice doesn’t it, but with no preparation and little time it felt like being put in the deep end!  It was quite daunting and could only lead to a few hiccups along the way. I felt it went considerably well. (So don’t judge) I caught the end of the Uilleann pipers in No Grants Gallery and when told there were two songs left to go I was disappointed that they combined them as it was obvious people were getting in to the song, tapping away merrily. But never the less it was an enjoyable performance.

We meander around the galleries and our first stop was Project Arts Centre to meet with Tessa Giblin the curator of the ‘Things- exhibition’. We got to experience it for ourselves going through the plinths. I had heard about the exhibition, but did not understand how it worked. Each plinth had a speaker inside with music pumping out all having the word ‘Thing’ in the lyrics. I loved the idea behind it, giving the surroundings a voice? It was defiantly interesting and I went back to check it out.

Getting back to the No Grants Gallery where we had a look around at the exhibition and I got a chance to talk to Gay McKeown, CEO of Na Piobairi Uilleann, telling me all about uilleann pipes and their origin.   I didn’t know too much about them and it was nice to hear the history behind them.  I had never known that an uilleann pipe is broken down into pieces and each piece takes time to learn. After mastering each step it’s put together and its time to learn music notes.

With not enough time to hang around we squeezed in a chat with Damien Dempsey where I made a fool of myself asking how long he has been playing the uilleann pipes! Quite embarrassing but I think he took it with a pinch of salt or at least I hope so.  There was some sandwiches floating around, me and Dearbla made sure to get our hands on some.

When we got outside we got talking to Leo Enright- 50 year’s space organiser, chatting about Yuri night events on Tuesday. It sounded interesting and Breffini was asked to film the action.

Sauntering down to The Exchange where it was packed we squeezed our way through to take a glimpse.  Aíne (another SCENEnotHERD member) was helping out, keeping busy and over all doing a good job!   The exhibit was interesting and it was nice to see what the work involved.

We left for Clyne Gallery next door and where we had to wait around (awkwardly) to be let in while being filmed. When we did get in it was so quaint and small. There didn’t seem to be much of a buzz but there was an interesting piece – I wish I knew the name of it but basically it was rats stuck in traps growing in size. Personally I loved it but it wasn’t exactly Dearbhlas cup of tea. :S ha

Down to Monster Truck we went  but unfortunately it was jammers so we went next door to the Temple Bar Gallery & Studios instead.  Getting in was not too much of a struggle so we had a look at the exhibition which proved to be interesting. It wasn’t your typical experience with a lot of unusual art work – but it was fascinating. The alien and paper stack were my favourites they contrasted nicely.  We spoke to Rayne Booth, the curator there, you’ll see more on the film to be posted by Breffni shortly!

The Graphic Studio Gallery was hidden away. Upon getting there it looked as if it were closed but after a while we were let in as it was locked because of rif-raf going around, welcomed in there was  some small eggs kept aside for visitors. I loved the prints in their stands and there was a wide range to browse through. We said our goodbyes and were on our way to the Gallery of Photography where we stood at reception talking to Darragh there about the exhibition.

All in all it was a great night out and can’t wait for the next.

Jenn Gardner


Next First Thursdays Dublin takes place May 5th, 6 – 8pm.

See here for all participating galleries.

Irish playwright John Millington Synge to visit The Gutter Book Shop Saturday April 16th & 23rd

This year’s Dublin One City, One Book is €’Ghost Light’€™ by Joseph O’€™Connor. The Irish playwright, and lead character of  ’€˜Ghost Light’€™, John Millington Synge will visit the Gutter Bookshop at Cow’s Lane in Temple Bar each Saturday during April and read from both his own work and from ‘€˜Ghost Light’€™. Please note: the actual J.M.Synge passed away in 1909 and the visiting J.M.Synge should therefore be viewed as an homage.

For more information on events surrounding One City, One Book please visit www.dublinonecityonebook.ie.  Free and everyone welcome.

Designer Mart & Temple Bar Food Market also take place every Saturday at Cow’s Lane, Temple Bar.

The Gutter BookShop
Cow’s Lane,
Temple Bar,
Dublin 8

Yuri’s Night in Temple Bar – Join us for The World Space Party on April 12th


Temple Bar “Reaches for the Stars” this month, as the leading venue for Ireland’s celebration of the 50th Anniversary of human spaceflight. “YURI’S NIGHT” is a worldwide celebration of Yuri Gagarin’s epic adventure, and Temple Bar is proud to host Ireland’s main event – with a special emphasis on families, young  people and careers in science. On the 12th of April 1961,  Yuri Gagarin became the first human being to break the shackles of Earth and venture into the Cosmos.  His voyage will be celebrated for as long as humans exist in the Universe.  A great Russian philosopher observed:  “The Earth is the cradle of humanity, but we cannot stay in the cradle forever”.

At the time, Gagarin’s flight was undertaken amid considerable secrecy.  But the 50th. Anniversary will be marked by a unique social media event which will recreate the voyage in a way that allows people around the world to fully experience this historic voyage for the first time. With support from Temple Bar Traders, Discover Science and Engineering and Temple Bar Cultural Trust, events in Dublin will kick off at seven minutes past seven in the morning - the exact moment that Gagarin lifted off half-a-century ago.

In Temple Bar Square, city centre workers will mingle with space buffs as they watch the Irish premier of an extraordinary new feature film – shot specially for the event aboard the International Space Station.  The director of photography on the project was Paolo Nespoli, the European Space Agency astronaut currently living aboard the station (Nespoli’s recent series of photographs showing Ireland from space are already classic  images of this country from orbit). The film, “First Orbit”, attempts to recreate as accurately as possible the view that Gagarin would have enjoyed on that historic first voyage.    The actual recordings of his comments at the time are truly remarkable, and can be heard in their entirety (with subtitles).“First Orbit” will then be screened throughout the day – on the big screen and in  cultural centres, restaurants and bars across Temple Bar.  Because “Yuri’s Night” is a global event which has been especially designed to maximise social networking opportunities,  the Temple Bar celebration will have a global reach through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social media.  A dedicated team of newmedia professionals will be examining in real-time how Ireland “trends” during the day and will report on how the country can benefit from such global events in the future.

Event TimeTable

07.07am ‘First Orbit‘ premier begins in Temple Bar Square
09.00am ‘First Orbit‘ premier begins in Temple Bar Square

11:00am “SEISMIC – the Earth beneath your feet”
See the Earth move, as the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies demonstrates it’s hugely successful Seismometers in Schools Project. Dramatic recordings from Ireland’s Seismic
Network of the recent Japan earthquake. And some minor tremors under Dublin and Clare.
Venue: Filmbase
Ends: 3 p.m. or later

The official launch of the Solar System squeezed into Temple Bar. The Sun is in the West End, while Neptune orbits at Westmoreland Street. Irish experts engaged in science
missions to the planets will be on hand during the day to answer your questions.
Venue: Throughout Temple Bar
Ends: 8 P.M

Showcasing the rich heritage of uilleann pipe-making and pipers in Temple Bar and the surrounding areas of Dublin City. Find out what the precision engineering of 1700’s
Dublin can teach today’s rocket scientists.
Venue: The Culture Box, 12 East Essex Street,
Ends: 2 P.M.

World premier of a medley of traditional tunes on the uilleann pipes titled “Major Gagarin”. Other authentic Irish tunes in the set will include:
“Colonel Glenn”, written by the great Roscommon piper Andy Conroy in 1962 to celebrate the first American to orbit the Earth. “Robert Emmet’s Spaceship”, a lament to the explosion of rebel munitions, including
rockets that scuppered the 1803 rebellion. Even failed revolutionaries have a sense of humour.
Venue: Temple Bar Square
Ends: 2:30 P.M.

12:00 A.M.
The official launch of the Solar System squeezed into Temple Bar.  The Sun is in the West
End, while Neptune orbits at Westmoreland Street.  Irish experts engaged in science
missions to the planets will be on hand during the day to answer your questions.
Venue:  Throughout Temple Bar
Ends:  8 P.M

Young space professionals, including alumni of Temple Bar’s own space scholarship programme (The Gogarty Scholarships), will be available to talk to students and early
professionals (and their families) about Ireland’s future in space. Information will be available about study and career opportunities in Ireland – and about the International
Space University in Strasbourg, which has a long association with Temple Bar thorough local businessman Martin Keane.
Venue: The Temple Bar Hotel, Fleet Street
Ends: 8 pm

An inflatable igloo brings youngsters on a voyage through the Cosmos.  30 people at a  time can be accommodated.  The Planetarium is FREE and the National Wax Museum. Plus is offering a special discount to Planetarium visitors who wish to tour the full Museum.
Venue: National Wax Museum
Ends:  7:00 P.M

Send a message and a picture of yourself to a planet outside our solar system, using a live  linkup to a radio telescope operated by Cork Institute of
Technology at its science centre in  Blackrock Castle Observatory, Cork.
Venue:  FilmBase
Ends: 8 P.M

Showcasing the rich heritage of uilleann pipe-making and pipers in Temple Bar and the  surrounding areas of Dublin City.   Find out what the precision engineering of 1700’s
Dublin can teach today’s rocket scientists.
Venue: The Culture Box, 12 East Essex Street,
Ends: 6 P.M

After sunset,  FilmBase will be projecting the “FIRST ORBIT” film onto a large screen in the Curved Street.  Look up and be amazed.
Venue: Curved Street
Ends:  Midnight

Join us in Temple Bar to celebrate Handel’s Day – Wednesday April 13th 2011

Join us in Temple Bar on Wednesday April 13th 2011 for Handel’s Day 2011 –  a celebration of music, history and Handel rooted in the anniversary of the 1742 world premiere of Messiah!

On April 13th 1742 Handel’s ‘Messiah’, one of the most famous musical pieces in the world, premiered on Fishamble Street in Temple Bar and each year the streets and surrounding areas are filled with the sounds from Our Lady’s Choral Society as they sing excerpts from Handel’s Messiah. Other events this year include a special performance Handel for Children, a guided tour ‘Let’s Walk & Talk – Handel’s Dublin Then & Now’ and ‘Alexander’s Feast’ in The Button Factory.

The Old City area of Temple Bar will also participate in In Handel’s Day celebrations offering plenty of choice for visitors looking for lunchtime food and refreshments.

All events are FREE to attend! No Booking Necessary!

Handel’s Day Programme

Let’s Walk & Talk – Handel’s Dublin Now & Then | 11am
Meeting Point: Meeting Point: Wolfe Tone Park, Mary Street, Dublin 1

This tour, a celebration of music and history with historian Pay Liddy will take you around some of the Dublin streets that still echo to the visit of George Frideric Handel in 1742/3 before finishing at Fishamble Street in time for the annual performance of ‘Messiah on the Street‘ by Our Lady’s Choral Society and the National Sinfonia.

Let’s Walk & Talk is an initiative of Dublin City Council.

Handel for Children | 12pm

Outdoors, in front of Smock Alley Theatre, West Essex Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2
Conducted by Aoise O’Dwyer

This modern take on the music of Handel will be performed by Harold’s Cross NS, the Tullamore Classical String School and joined by guest vocalists. This adaption of some of Handel’s most popular music will feature children’s vocals, instrumental music and percussion, as well as introductions from participating schools, offering a modern approach to some of Handel’s best loved works.

Messiah On The Street | 1pm
Fishamble Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 8
Performed by Our Lady’s Choral Society with guest soloist Ross Scanlon.
Conducted by Proinnsías Ó Duinn with live accompaniment from the National Sinfonia
Join us outdoors as we celebrate on the very site where Messiah received its worked premiere in 1742, This unique choral performance of well known excerpts from Handel’s ‘Messiah’ is an unforgettable and joyous experience!

Alexander’s Feast (G.F Handel) | 6.30pm
The Button Factory, Curved Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2
Conducted by Proinnsías Ó Duinn.
Performed by Our Lady’s Choral Society and the National Sinfonia with soloists Colette Boushell (soprano) Chloe Hinton (alto) Ross Scanlon (tenor) and Jeffrey Ledwidge (bass).

Handel brought Alexander’s Feast to Dublin in 1742. To celebrate Handel’s Day this year, Our Lady’s Choral Society will present the work, also known as ‘The Power of Musick’ in the Handelian tradition in Temple Bar’s modern Musick Hall, Button Factory. This is one of those rare performances not to be missed. In keeping with the feast theme, market traders from the Temple Bar Food Market will be offering a range of delights for sale outside the venue on Curved Street from 4.30 – 7pm! Admission is free, no booking required. Early arrival is advised as admission will be on a first come, first served basis.

For more info log on to www.templebar.ie. We hope to see you in Temple Bar for this year’s Handel’s Day!

RSVP Handel’s Day on Facebook

It’s ‘business as usual’ in Meeting House Square


Meeting House Square is currently closed from January 24th 2011 to facilitate the construction of a retractable canopy. Earlier this month, as part of the construction process, an archaeological examination was carried out on the Square. A significant archaeological find was discovered and further excavations are to take place over the next few weeks.

This has led to a slight delay in the construction process of the retractable canopy, however we are delighted that our cultural programme will continue this summer as planned.

It is still ‘business as usual‘ for all businesses operating on Meeting House Square including Eden Restaurant, Gallery of Photography, The Gaiety School of Acting, Il Baccaro, National Photographic Archive, The Physio Company and the IFI. Eden are currently running a tasty €10 lunch deal while the Gallery of Photography are running an exhibition by Steve McCurry, one of the finest documentary image-makers working today. So it’s definitely worth your while to make the visit to the Square!

During the construction process, the Temple Bar Food Market, held every Saturday, has been relocated to three temporary locations; Up-town at Cow’s Lane, Mid-town at East Essex Street and Down-town at Curved Street. For more info on the Market click here.

Keep an eye on our website www.templebar.ie for the latest news on the Square.

Update from TBCT on Meeting House Square

It has been an exciting week at TBCT as our archaeology team made a significant find during routine archaeological work carry out in Meeting House Square during the construction process. The Square is currently closed to facilitate construction of a retractable canopy. Read more about the project here. In the meantime we’ll keep you posted with further news on this story.

Theatre : ‘Men are from Stoneybatter, Women from Phibsboro’ at The New Theatre, Temple Bar

Feb 7th – Feb 12th
Preview Monday 7th Feb, Matinee Sat 12th Feb
@8 pm, Matinee @ 2 pm
Tickets: €10 (Preview), €15, €12 (concs)

Witness the most powerful love story in modern times – this new comedy will take you on a journey through the early stages of Kate and Fionn’s relationship, from meeting each other’s mates to the introduction of Kate’s slightly unorthodox parents. Fionn is a man very unlucky in love but not to fear, he has his friends: Donal, the self acclaimed greatest Cork mind since Bill O’Herlihy and Steve, the man who could give Dr. Phil a run for his money. In Kate’s corner she has Amy, a girl who wanted to be a nun but unfortunately was a bit too loose for the job. Then there’s the all talk but little action confrontational Dee. And last but not least there’s Fran. You’d want to keep an eye on Fran. All is not what it seems!!!

So to recap: we have the girl, the boy, the slightly odd friends and the token odd parents which adds nicely to the mayhem.

Cue side splitting laughter (hopefully) and you’re in for a treat.

Andrea Cleary, Bernie Fitzgerald, Mick Fitzgerald, John Fox, Diane Jennings, Jennifer Meade, Rua O’ Donnachu, Conor O’ Riordan, Emma Reinhardt, Daryl Sheridan

Directed by Rua O’Donnachu
Assistant Director- Jane McCarthy
Sound and lighting technician- Sophie Flynn

for more info please contact:

The New Theatre,
43 East Essex Street,
Temple Bar, Dublin 2
Phone: +353 1 670 3361
Email: info@thenewtheatre.com
Website: www.thenewtheatre.com